Innovative Foundations - Designing out concrete

There is a large amount of embodied carbon in the production of cement and concrete. Below describes a solution that uses recycled, locally sourced materials that eliminates the need to use energy hungry concrete, providing a significant reduction in embodied CO2. 

Soil is excavated and prepared. All soil removed will be redistributed around the site to eliminate the need for removal and disposal. 

Gabions filled with locally sourced flint (some of which will have come from the excavations) provide a perimeter edging where the soil has been excavated. As a nod to the local vernacular some of the flint gabions will remain visible and a feature of the architecture. 

Flint Gabions

Compacted recycled hardcore provides the base upon which  the structural frame sits

Jack Pads constructed from recycled plastics and rubbers and simply sit on prepared ground allowing the timber frame to sit above the ground, away from moisture. The Jack pads are fully adjustable and light weight.

Jack Pad Foundations