Cork Oak House Artist's Impression


As the site is outside of the settlement boundary, our brief required Studio Bark to design a house which would fulfil the requirements of the exception clause, Paragraph 79 (e) of the NPPF. (You can find out about Paragraph 79 here). 

We wanted to use the innovation and enhancement requirements to achieve two distinct aims:

We believe that with Studio Bark’s sustainable design credentials and our experience of a range of building and renovation projects, the house that is envisaged would be an exemplar of modern, sympathetic and sustainable development.

If you are interested in the detail of the innovation and enhancement, you’ll find all of the information in the relevant sections and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

"Cork Oak House incorporates a very interesting blend of hi‐tech systems technologies with low‐tech natural, reusable and compostable materials. All of which take this project a giant leap above the norm and far beyond any future ambitious government targets”



“...this project will be a fantastic benchmark for new projects in the district and much further afield throughout the country and Europe more widely.”